2024 NRA Annual Meeting: First Impressions

The 2024 NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, marks the 153rd convention of National Rifle Association members. NRA annual meetings host dozens of activities over the course of four days. Members attend seminars throughout the week on topics such as reloading, long-range precision shooting, and self-defense. Meanwhile, the annual meeting features a wide range of celebrity and political speakers from the firearms world through their leadership forum and special appearances. While many of these events draw significant attendance, the annual exhibit hall draws a steady number of folks wanting to get hands-on interaction with the latest and greatest new products from show vendors.

I attended my first NRA Annual Meeting in 2009 as a college senior. As a young man with a strong interest in firearms, the massive display of weapons, accessories, and vendors blew me away. I felt like a kid with free reign in a candy store. The 2024 NRA Annual Meeting marks the third one I’ve attended since then. Over the years, many of the faces, people, and products have changed, but the atmosphere remained the same. For the next few days, I’ll be on the floor, providing as much coverage as possible. Ultimately, the aim is to introduce you, our MagLife readers, to some of the new or noteworthy products offered across 14 acres of showroom floor. Here are a few interesting or new products that caught me from the first day of the 2024 NRA Annual Meeting.

ZEV & MagPul FDP-9 / FDC-9

Pistol caliber carbine aficionados have patiently awaited the release of the Folding Defensive Carbine (FDC) and Folding Defensive Pistol (FDP) since its announcement in 2021. This unique folding carbine is the brainchild of a collaboration between ZEV and Magpul. The reps from ZEV stated they plan on releasing this long-awaited and unique carbine/pistol by the end of 2024. After years of testing, evaluation, and engineering changes, it appears the FDP/FDC will be hitting shelves soon.

2024 NRA Show ZEV FDP gun
The ZEV/Magpul FDP in its deployed configuration (top) and folded configuration (bottom). This setup is more than just a novelty; it’s downright cool.

The ZEV FDP/FDC sports classic Magpul black polymer furniture. While the current pistol caliber carbine market is far from experiencing a shortage of options, the FDP/FDC is unique in its own right. This platform was designed from the ground up to be a compact, light, and easily transportable folding PDW. ZEV plans to offer two variations: one as a pistol and another as a short-barreled rifle (SBR). Since the SBR platform is subject to ATF regulation, shooters can opt for the pistol variant. However, if a buyer regrets purchasing the pistol and wants an SBR, Magpul claims they offer modifications to change the pistol to an SBR with the appropriate paperwork.

In handling the FDP/FDC, it’s apparent Magpul and ZEV put a great deal of forethought into this platform. For a largely polymer folding carbine, it feels exceptionally rugged and durable. The platform balances nicely with a classic striker-fired trigger. After some practice, the FDP/FDC was relatively easy to fold into its compact suitcase-style configuration. With a light pull of the charging handle, the platform deploys at the ready. Pricing for the FDC/FDP is to be determined, but keep an eye out for its release towards the end of this year.

Shield Arms S10 Grip Modification for the Glock 43

Shield Arms made a huge impact on micro-compact pistols with the release of their 15-round S15 mag for the Glock 43X and 48. At one time, 15 rounds in a pistol like the Glock 43X was unheard of. However, Shield Arms made that capacity the new standard. Since then, they’ve added 20-round mags to their product list. For this year, Shield took a step in a curiously different direction with their S10 grip modification package.

Shield Arms S10 package
A Glock 43X with the Shield Arms S10 grip chop and S10 magazine. The flared mag well was comfortable and worked with all Shield magazines.

For 2024, Shield Arms introduced their S10 grip modification for the Glock 43X and 48. For $170, you can send your Glock 43X or 48 to Shield Arms, and they will shorten the grip to accept the 10-round Shield mag, effectively reducing the firearm’s visible footprint. This service includes two 10-round Shield mags, an upgraded steel magazine catch, and Shield Arms’ proprietary S10 mag well. For the price, this is an impressive little bundle.

The Glock 43X on display handled nicely and was surprisingly comfortable for my hand size. Shield Arms reps stated they offer sleeves for the 15-round S15 and 20-round S20 magazines to remain compatible with guns that have undergone the S10 grip modification. With this modification, the end user’s options expand as opposed to being limited. I’d say that’s a solid deal.

Berry’s Gun Swings

As much as I wanted to focus solely on firearms for the first day, some things just catch your eye — especially when it comes to products dedicated to convenience and efficiency. Berry’s is well-known for their fantastic selection of reloading projectiles. Personally, I’ve used them for my reloading needs for almost two decades with great results. Not to rest on their laurels, Berry’s introduced several heavier jacketed bullets for .38/.357 that allow shooters to push their handloads even faster. While known for its reloading components, Berry’s also hosts an array of firearm and gun accessory options.

Berry's Gun Swings
The Berry’s six pistol rack. Sure it’s another gun storage option; but for those with a growing pistol collection, this is an extremely efficient storage option well-worth the investment.

For 2024, Berry’s introduced new storage solutions to their product lineup with new swinging pistol racks. These racks are affixed to the interior safe wall and accommodate a wide variety of calibers and handgun sizes. Berry’s currently offers the racks for one ($29.99), four ($70.99), or six ($91.99) firearms. It’s simple but equally genius. I plan on investing in a few of these to declutter the safe.

Faxon FX-19

Faxon Firearms is well-known for producing precision barrels for a wide variety of firearms. Their original ARAK-21 hybrid AR and AK design, along with the new FX7 precision bolt action, shows how dedicated they are to advancing firearms design. For 2024, Faxon introduced several re-designs of their products and added a variety of new calibers, like 8.6 Blackout, to their barrel assortment. While these products have intrigued me for some time, the Faxon FX-19 seemed the most noteworthy.

2024 NRA Show Faxon FX-19
The re-designed Faxon FX-19 on display at the 2024 NRA Show. While still under development; the fit, finish, and feel of the FX-19 definitely deserves some attention.

Faxon has offered the FX-19 for a little while, but they’re currently expanding and upgrading this pistol. With several working prototypes on display, they hope to release the final version some time this year. While they’re working on some of the finer details, they did say the FX-19 series will include optics-ready cuts, a Faxon barrel, and ports on some models. With an anticipated MSRP in the $800 to $1,200 range, depending on the options selected, the next generation of FX-19 pistols will be a strong competitor amongst current custom polymer pistol offerings. After handling one this afternoon, I’m excited to get my hands on the final product. Knowing Faxon’s reputation, this gun will shoot as well as, if not better than, it looks and feels.

Huxwrx Flow 556 Ti

As with anything, never assume technology and design have hit their plateau. Suppressors are no exception. As 3D-printed suppressors became commonplace over the last few years, so did more revolutionary designs like flow-through suppressor technology. As one of the Huxwrx reps put it, they pioneered this technology. While they led the charge in developing this technology, they certainly haven’t remained stagnant in continuing its development.

Huxwrx Flow 556 Ti
The new Huxwrx Flow 556 Ti (top) on display showed its use but none of the anticipated wear. The 3D-printed cutaway on display (bottom) is a marvel of complex engineering, balancing sound suppression and backpressure reduction.

For the 2024 NRA exhibits, Huxwrx expanded its flow-through suppressor lineup with the new Flow 556 Ti. In a nutshell, flow-through suppressors reduce the firearm’s decibel level, but, as the name implies, they also redirect gas through the front of the suppressor. While this may seem counterintuitive to noise reduction, this design reduces the sound while reducing backpressure. With reduced backpressure, the shooter is exposed to less harmful gasses, and the gun’s internal components undergo less wear and tear from increased pressures.

The new Flow 556 Ti is a 3D-printed titanium suppressor weighing in at an unbelievably light 11.9 ounces. It’s shockingly light for a 5.56 can. While the MSRP isn’t cheap ($1,623), this suppressor clearly performs far above traditional expectations and arguably does the impossible by reducing backpressure and noise.

2024 NRA Show First Day Thoughts

With only a couple more days to peruse the 14 acres of vendors, I’ll undoubtedly miss or overlook some new products. The firearm industry is massive, and the 2024 NRA Annual exhibits don’t have every company represented. Nonetheless, the next few days will hopefully provide some more time to peruse the countless booths and products on display that you may want to add to your collection. We’ll see what the next few days bring.

Tom Stilson began his firearms career in 2012 working a gun store counter. He progressed to conducting appraisals for fine and collectible firearms before working as the firearms compliance merchant for a major outdoor retailer. In 2015, he entered public service and began his law enforcement career. Tom has a range of experience working for big and small as well as urban and rural agencies. Among his qualifications, Tom is certified as a firearms instructor, field trainer, and in special weapons and tactics. If not on his backyard range, he spends his time with family or spreading his passion for firearms and law enforcement.

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