1911 Syndicate — Worst Five Products of 2021

At the end of each year, we are all inundated with the “Best of…” lists. But how often do we see “Worst of…” lists? The gents at 1911 Syndicate took on this topic. Both Jake and Chris agree that they will get hate for their opinions, but they are exactly that—their opinions.

Admittedly, Jake and Chris are just guys that like to play dress-up in the desert. Those are their words. They both agree that even though they would catch hate for their opinions, they are fair in their assessments. Without further ado, here is their top five worst products from 2021.

5. CMMG Banshee

Coming in at the number five spot is the CMMG Banshee. Jake is quick to say that he doesn’t really hate the rifle. It’s more of the fact that he wasn’t impressed with it. When the rifle was running right, it ran quickly and well—but that was when it was actually running. Jake says that he had a lot of malfunctions with it the rifle and found it quite annoying. Additionally, they both say that for the price, they would expect more from it. Essentially for them, it is overhyped and overpriced.

worst of 2021 - CMMG Banshee
Number five on the worst product list for 1911 Syndicate is the CMMG Banshee. They feel the rifle is overpriced and had lots of malfunctions.

4. Q Honey Badger SD

In the fourth spot is the Q Honey Badger SD. Both Jake and Chris agree that it is overpriced and that there are much better options in the price range. The main complaint is that it heats up too quickly and the fact that roughly the front half of the handguard is unusable. Chris says that he likes to use the rifle in Call of Duty, but that’s about it.

Jake goes on to give more of what he doesn’t like about the platform. He says that the trigger is too light for what the system was designed for (QCB) and the stock is too flimsy. The gents say they don’t have a problem with Q as a company and think the platform is ok, but they don’t love this gun.

worst of 2021 - Q Honey Badger SD
Number four on their list is the Q Honey Badger SD rifle. They feel the trigger is too light for what the platform is designed for and the stock is too flimsy, especially for the price.

3. CZ Scorpion

The number three worst product of 2021 according to 1911 Syndicate is the CZ Scorpion. Chris says that for a 9mm sub-gun, it has a surprising amount of recoil, and it sucks. In a common theme, they think it is too expensive for what other options are available at that price point. They literally said they would take anything over the CZ Scorpion, which CZ wouldn’t be my first choice either. Jake says that it has the worst trigger that he’s ever felt, and knows that they can swap it out, but they like to test the platforms as is without mods.

Worst of 2021 - CZ Scorpion
Number three on their list is the CZ Scorpion. Christ pointed out that for a 9mm sub-gun, the rifle had too much recoil for his liking. Both agreed that they would rather have any other gun than the CZ Scorpion.

2. Surefire Weapon lights

The guys didn’t have a whole lot of good things to say about what stands in the number two spot — SureFire weapon lights. They both say the throw and spill are bad on them. Specifically, they couldn’t PID (positive ID at target) past 100 yards in the video they created. They really home in on the rifle lights as they think the X300 is the gold standard for pistol lights. They believe that SureFire hasn’t innovated the way that Cloud Defensive, Arisaka, or Modlight have in regards to the weapon lights, and it shows.

Worst of 2021 - Surefire Weapon Lights
Number two on the 1911 Syndicate worst products of 2021 is SureFire weapon lights—specifically the rifle lights. They believe there is too much throw and spill from these lights.

1. Axil Ear protection Ghost Stryke Extreme

In the top spot for worst product of 2021 is the Axil Ear Protection Ghost Stryke Exteme in the ear buds. Jake went so far as to say that he only did a quick review on the ear protection before boxing them up and trying to return them in less than 45 minutes after receiving them.

Ideally, they go in the ear, cancel out the noise from shooting but can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. But when he put them on, they started with some feedback that make Jake yank them out of his ear. He went on to say that the sound quality of the earbuds rivals that of a 1990s Walkman headset. While these buds are heavily touted by influencers and bloggers, Jake’s pair was garbage. I’m wondering if he got a lemon set or if they are really that bad. If they are, they feel the company is negligent in selling them, especially at their steep price.

1911 Syndicate
Jake says they’re so bad, he refuses to show them.

So, there you have the Worst of 2021 according to 1911 Syndicate. Given that these are all their opinions, it is hard to argue with them. What would be your top five?

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