12 Metalform Magazines for Your 1911 Government in .45 ACP

Got a Government-sized 1911 chambered in .45 ACP that needs some extra mags? We’ve certainly got plenty for you to check out. But first, take a look at the mags that came with your gun. Chances are, they’ve got an ‘M’ stamped into the baseplate, which means they were manufactured by Metalform.

Does that matter? Well, it might, depending on what you’re looking for.

Metalform magazines have been out in the marketplace for a long time, mostly selling to companies like Colt, Kimber, S&W, and Springfield Armory. Those companies then ship out their new guns with Metalform magazines. If those companies trust these mags, it’s pretty safe to say that you can too. They earn high praise out in the field, as they’re known for exceeding performance expectations.

Just look at what 1911Tuner has to say about them on TheHighroad forum:

“Back in 1999, I ordered a hundred of’em…evenly split between stainless and carbon. All of them are 7 round with the standard flat follower with the speed bump…as per original design.

I kept 72 of the magazines for my own use, plus a couple spares in each version just for a backup…and I’ve used’em hard. At one time, I carried all of them to the range an average of twice a week…preloaded…and emptied them all. I wasn’t gentle with them. I slammed’em home and let’em bounce on the ground when they were jettisoned. I take them apart for thorough cleaning once a year.

Last month, the welds gave up on the floorplate on one magazine. One magazine failed in 11 years. I salvaged the follower and spring.

None of the magazines has failed to lock the slide on empty except in the case of a broken slidestop lug…and that’s happened twice in two Colts…once per gun…that have seen hard use since 1991 and 1992 respectively. Not the fault of the magazines.

Would I recommend Metalform 7-round magazines? Absolutely. As far as the one that failed…If I send it back, they’ll send me another one…but I probably won’t bother to do it.” 

At GunMag Warehouse, we have a very large selection of Metalform magazines with a wide variety of designs for everything from duty use to concealed carry, competition shooting, and more.

To further distinguish the models we have available, you can choose between flat, round, skirted, or pro followers. Do you want a welded base plate or one that’s removable so you can upgrade to your preferences? What are the differences anyway?

Magazine Features, Explained

Just in case you’re not sure which follower or base plate to get, here are the details. 

What is a flat follower?

The flat followers are the original Colt design followers and provide for that classic 1911 magazine look and function. The material is a high-strength heat-treated stainless 400 series, which provides for long-lasting performance and rigid slide lock action. 

Metalform magazine for 1911 Government in .45 ACP. Stainless steel, welded base, flat follower, 7-round.
This one is a stainless steel 7-round mag with a welded base and flat follower.

How is a round follower different than a flat follower?

The Metalform round follower is an anti-tilt design resulting in fewer potential nose-diving issues while chambering a round.

7-round mag for 1911 government .45 ACP - removable base, round follower
The round follower assists with a smooter chambering of the final round.

Additionally, the top of the follower is round, which provides for a radius-to-radius contact of the ammo to the follower mimicking another round below the final one. This provides for smooth chambering of the final round into the barrel.

The average recreational user may not see any significant performance differences but this is the preferred follower for competition shooters of Metalform’s .45 and 10mm offerings. 

Ok, so what is a skirted follower?

The skirted followers are just another designation for both the round and Pro follower designs. They have the long front round skirt that stays down below the front of the magazine after the last round has been chambered and provides the anti-tilt feature 

One more — what is a Pro follower?

The Pro-Follower is a specific flat-front skirted follower used in Metalform’s 7-round  and 8-round .45 magazines only. This follower is extremely robust and reliable, made from the same high strength heat-treated 400 series stainless material, and will provide for years of reliable performance 

What is the difference between a welded base plate and a removable baseplate?

The welded base plates have a flush fit, so they are more easily concealed. Removeable baseplates make it easier to get into your magazine for cleaning, and you also have the opportunity to upgrade the magazine. 

Now that those details are cleared up, here are the Metalform magazines that’ll fit your Government-sized 1911 chambered in .45 ACP,  in 7,8, and 10-round capacities. Choose from black cold-rolled steel or stainless steel.

Which one is right for you?

7-Round Metalform Magazines for Government 1911s in .45 ACP

1. Metalform Standard 7-Round Magazine with Welded Baseplate and Upgraded Flat Follower

Metalform Standard 1911 Government Commander 45 ACP combat ready Welded Base Flat Follower 7-Round Magazine
This combat-ready magazine has an upgraded flat follower and welded base plate.

2. Metalform Standard 7-round magazine with Welded Base & Round Follower

Metalform Magazine for 1911 Government, Commander in .45 ACP. 7-Round Magazine Cold Rolled Steel with welded Base & round Follower
With a rounded follower for smoother feeding and a welded, flush-fitting base for easier concealment, these Cold-Rolled steel Metalform magazines are a practical choice for concealed carry and trips to the gun range.

Like Daniel says, this is an all-around great magazine with nice follower action. 

Satisfied customer Ronald H. says, “My opinion, you can’t beat Metalform Mags for the money. Reliable .45 1911 magazines.”

3. Metalform Standard 7-Round Magazine with Removable Base and Flat Follower

Metalform Standard 1911 Government, Commander .45 ACP Cold Rolled Steel (Removable Base & Flat Follower) 7-Round Magazine

7-round 1911 Government Metalform magazine in 45 ACP with removeable base and flat follower.
Built from cold-rolled steel with flat followers, withness ports, and a removable base plate so it’ll be easy to get in there and clean it out or replace the basepad.

4. Metalform Cold Rolled Steel Removable Base & Round Follower

Metalform Magazine for Government 1911 in 45 ACP, 7-round standard constructed with cold-rolled steel with a round follower and removable base plate.
With the removable baseplate, these Metalform magazines are a flexible upgrade for your 1911 Government pistol in .45 ACP.

5. Metalform Standard 7-Round with Lanyard Loop 

Often considered a vestigial remnant from back in the cavalry days, some say the lanyard loop is still useful in modern times. With some paracord attached the mag can be easily recovered if it’s dropped, especially in water, fine sand, dense brush, and night ops. 

Metalform Magazine for 1911 Government in 45-ACP. 7-round cold rolled steel mag with lanyard loop
Metalform Magazine for 1911 Government in 45-ACP. 7-round cold rolled steel mag with lanyard loop

This one has a flat follower. There’s a bonus use for the lanyard, too. Just watch:

6. Metalform Standard Stainless Steel 7-Round with Welded Base & Flat Follower

Prefer stainless steel mags? Here you go!

Metalform Magazine 1911 government 45 ACP 7-round stainless steel with welded base and flat follower.
Featuring stainless steel construction with a welded, flush-fitting base and a classic flat follower, these Metalform magazines deliver refined quality and maximum reliability.

7. Metalform Stainless Steel 7-Round with Welded Base & Round Follower

1911 Government Commander 45 ACP Stainless Steel 7-round Metalform Magazine with Welded Base and Round Follower
1911 Government Commander 45 ACP Stainless Steel 7-round Metalform Magazine with Welded Base and Round Follower.

8. Metalform Standard Stainless Steel 7-Round with Welded Base & Flat Skirted Follower

1911 Government .45 ACP Metalform Stainless Steel Welded Base Flat-Skirted Follower 7-Round-Magazine
These stainless steel Metalform magazines feature a special flat skirted follower, rugged steel internal springs and a flush-fitting welded base.

9. Metalform Standard Stainless Steel 7-Round with Removable Base & Round Follower

Metalform 1911 Government 45 ACP Stainless Steel Removable Base Round Follower 7-Round Magazine
These magazines feature durable steel construction with wide-cut witness holes, removable base plate and a round follower for more consistent feeding.

Comment from William S.: “The Metalform 1911 7 shot stainless steel magazine with round follower and removable base plate is the top of the line, in my opinion, that is available.”

8-Round Metalform Magazines for Government 1911s in .45 ACP

We have two models of these 8-round mags, black and stainless steel. The polymer magazine baseplate is removable with the little flares to it so you can reach up, grab it, and rip it out of the magazine well for emergency manipulation, clear stoppages, etc. The edges of the follower are rounded just a little bit to give more reliable feeding.

10. Metalform Black Nitride Coated 8-round Magazine with Removable Base & Pro Flat Skirt Follower

This is a Metalform 8-round magazine with Removable Base and Pro Flat Skirt Follower for 1911 pistols in .45 ACP
This Metalform 8-round magazine (SKU 45.746BN) is coated with black nitride coating (good for night ops) and comes with a removable base and Pro Flat Skirt Follower.

11. Metalform Stainless Steel 8-Round Magazine with Removable Base & Pro Follower

1911 Government .45 ACP stainless steel 8-round magazine with removable base plate and Pro Follower
1911 Government .45 ACP stainless steel 8-round magazine with removable base plate and Pro Follower

See them up close in this video:

James B. says, “They came quickly and used them This last weekend. Worked totally great. No problems at all.”

10-Round Metalform Magazines for 1911’s in .45 ACP

12. Metalform Extended 10-Round Magazine with Welded Base & Round Follower

Why, yes, we do have an extended magazine for your 1911!

Metalform Extended 1911 .45 ACP 10-Round Magazine
It’s not going to be as concealable but you’re getting a couple more rounds with this one.
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