$10 a Round: New 12 Gauge Ammo from G2 Research

G2 Research announced the company would soon be selling the “world’s deadliest 12 gauge round.” It may also be one of the world’s most expensive at about $10 each. According to the company, the new shotgun loads have been in development for more than three years and will offer “incredible performance against soft targets.”

G2 Research loads an unnamed specialty slug in these rounds that are designed to fracture when striking a target. The slug is a 303-grain brass hollow point projectile with heavy scoring in the sides of the nose. As the slug enters the target, the scored sections of slug break off to form separate wound channels.

penetration of 12 gauge round in unknown medium

The company states that each of these sections will penetrate up to 11”. G2 states the core of the slug will penetrate up to 17”. Unfortunately, the company does not state what medium the penetration has been estimated in, but the photos they provided appear to show testing in Clear Ballistics blocks. Those blocks are sometimes used as a convenient alternative to ballistic gelatin, but are definitely not the same.

Each slug is individually CNC machined, which is likely to be a significant reason why the rounds are so expensive.

Unlike normal slugs, this round is not designed to reliably hit targets at long distances. In fact, the company states that the round has a “true effective performance expansion range” of only 10 yards. Beyond 10 yards and the slug begins to yaw, which makes it unlikely to hit the target at the right angle to expand as designed. It is unclear how much accuracy is affected by the yawing.

the CNC machined projectile in the G2 Research 12 gauge load

G2 Research attempts to justify this obvious limitation by stating that shooting an attacker at a distance beyond 10 yards is not likely to be deemed as self-defense. Based on my own studies of self-defense encounters, I disagree with this statement and would never limit my ability to respond to a deadly threat to any predetermined distance. Every encounter is unique, and self-defense engagements do occur at distances beyond 10 yards.

Frankly, I see no benefit to this round as compared to standard 00 buck loads. 00 buck loads, either as full power 9 pellet loads or reduced recoil 8 pellet loads, have proven themselves time and time again as capable manstoppers in the hands of both homeowners and lawmen. Plus, they have the added benefits of being affordable enough to practice with, an effective range beyond 10 yards and no issues with angle of impact.

Richard is a writer with a background in law enforcement and sports photography. In addition to his work in the firearms industry, he writes in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. More of his work can be found at GunsHolstersAndGear

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4 thoughts on “$10 a Round: New 12 Gauge Ammo from G2 Research

  1. Taofledermaus tested these a few weeks ago and from their experience 10 yards is pushing the limit on these yawing. Overpriced gimmick rounds.

  2. Looks like a winner for Arnold’s next movie! The author is correct in my book-at 10 yards or less what is the need to terminate someone or something multiple times over. For self-defense at these ranges a double tap of slug followed by OO will do the job. Heck, push it out to 30 yards or so & it will do the job. Did this thing get invented for some branch of our clandestine services & rightly so, they said “thanks but no thanks?” We do not need anything that yaws into Mr. or Ms. innocent bystander I would guess. Build it and they will come? I don’t think so

  3. Intriguing design, how about casting in lead copper jacket & let’s see what happens. I think you have put alot of energy into a something only your designers will ever shoot. Keep innovating I like your thinking.

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