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Magpul PMAG 5.56mm Clips & Magazines

Magpul’s PMAG magazines weren’t the world’s first polymer rifle magazines, but they are widely agreed to be the very best.

With multiple generations and evolutions since their introduction in 2007, the .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO PMAG is rapidly becoming the top choice for competition shooters, law enforcement and enlisted shooters thanks to their light weight, impressive reliability, and impact-resistant construction.

While each generation of PMAG is compatible with most 5.56x45mm AR-15 rifles, there are a few key differences to consider. First, dust covers only come standard with the Gen M3 magazines. You’ll have to pay extra to get them with the cheaper Gen M2 magazines. It’s a minor difference, but worth considering—especially since the dust covers aren’t interchangeable between generations.

The next difference is in the floorplates. Gen M2 PMAG magazines have wider floorplates for positive handling, while Gen M3 magazines are slightly narrower, making them easier to tuck away in a chest rig or other mag carrier.

Other features include a paint pen dot matrix on the Gen M3 magazines, allowing for easier labeling for at-a-glance identification (perfect for putting your name on your mags, or labeling different calibers like .300 Blackout, .458 SOCOM or .223 Remington). Gen M3 magazines also have a slightly different texture and an integrated over-insertion stop—which is great for long-term use.

Finally; there’s platform compatibility. Gen M3 PMAGs are designed to work with non-Colt-spec platforms like the SCAR Mk 16/16s, M27 IAR, British SA-80, and HK M416. There are also Magpul EMAGs (Export Mags) designed for STANAG 4179-compliant rifles.

Otherwise, almost everything is the same; from the durable stainless steel internal springs to the self-lubricating, anti-tilt follower and the constant curve internal geometry. And as always, Magpul products are proudly made in America.

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