ProMag 995/995TS Carbine 9mm 15-Round Blue Steel Magazine


ProMag 995/995TS Carbine 9mm 15-Round Blue Steel Magazine




  • Uses heat treated Chrome-silicon wire for reliable feeding and long spring life.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
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HIP-A3 An extended (3.75) blue-steel magazine holding 15-rd of 9mm ammunition for the Hi-Point 995/995TS. This magazine comes with a follower, bumper/base plate and comfortable grip-sleeve made of an impact-resistant black polymer material.

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  1. problems

    By Paul November 08, 2016

    I bought 3 of these mags and have feeding and jamming problems with all 3. They look well made and the price is good but the performance is not there. You would not want to stake your life on these mags so they sit in my closet. The mags that came with the carbine work flawlessly so I know it is not the gun.

  2. Works fine

    By WaldoJPickle August 23, 2015

    New to Hipoints I heard all the horror stories of the ProMags. The earlier models were problematic. I have a bunch of these. This A-3 is the newer version which I have many. They work flawlessly.

    Someday another company RedBall is supposed to come out with a 20rd model. It may never happen.

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