Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Glock 18 9mm 31-Round Magazine


Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Glock 18 9mm 31-Round Magazine

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Glock 18 9mm 31-Round Magazine





  • Fits the Glock 17,18, 19, 26, and 34

  • Compatible with Gen 1 through Gen 4 Glocks

  • Length 200mm

  • Extended 31-round capacity

  • Compatible with Glock and aftermarket floorplates

  • Easy disassembly with our specially designed baseplate

  • Ergonomically designed floorplate makes it easy to grab from mag pouches

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ETS offers some of the best Glock magazines on the market. Their transparent smoke polymer enables you to see your rounds making for a stunning visual. These magazines have been torture tested without fail.

Fits the Glock 17, 18, 19, 26, and 34


  • Extreme Impact Resistance - Won't crack or break when dropped
  • Very resistant to harsh chemicals Superior heat, cold and UV resistance - Won’t become brittle over time even when exposed to harsh environments or extreme cold
  • Translucent body - Allowing you to see your ammo count and type
  • Creep resistant - The feed lips and body won't spread when being stored long term even when fully loaded

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  1. Will only hold 30 rounds

    By miatabob November 29, 2016

    I have tried multiple times loading the magazine and the spring is fully compressed with 30 rounds loaded, not 31.

  2. ETS 30 round Glock 9mm mags

    By Eric November 19, 2016

    Overall not as heavy duty as the 17 or 19 at a glance someone please correct me if I'm wrong! Please! I have not done a drop test but that's soon to follow I've got a hard time dropping new mags.but I'll let you know when I do.

  3. Great product Great Price! I can see the rounds

    By PADMAN October 07, 2016

    Great product Great Price! I can see the rounds. Using on all my Glocks and Glock compatible gun magazines (Sub 2000).

    Will purchase a few more soon.

  4. Same quality like Glock made magazine but cheaper

    By Guard one August 06, 2016

    I had spent a lot of $ in magazine market. The ProMag should have been shame of themselves. I got 3 of them and they jammed like hell. My buddy made fun of me about them a lot. However, these magazines actually run real smooth. Something I can depend my live on. Trust me, in the middle of situation, you don't want a malfunction gun or jamming magazines. I bought them like a month ago. I had kept them loaded the whole time. Didn't have a chance to test it. Tested them this morning, 600 rounds ran smoothly. Thanks.

  5. Made in the USA

    By BikerYoda July 28, 2016

    They are made here and you can tell. Typically I stay away from aftermarket magazines especially from overseas as they tend to spread the longer you leave them loaded. I purchased 2 from a local dealer. One I shot through a G17 and the other I just left loaded. NO flaws through the Glock and ZERO spread on the one I've left loaded (now for over 3 months). I decided to purchase more and stumbled across this site. I bought 8 more of them and the price is UNBEATABLE! Literally less than dealer cost at my local gun shop. I don't have a single complaint about these magazines.

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