Hexmag Grip Tape for Hexmag Magazines


Hexmag Grip Tape for Hexmag Magazines

Hexmag Grip Tape for Hexmag Magazines





**Free Shipping with the purchase of 6 packs of Hexmag Magazines ONLY

  • One sheet contains 46 hex shapes

  • The Grip Tape is already die cut into the exact shape to fill the hex-shaped cavities of the Hexmag magazine

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Hexmag vinyl Grip Tape available in Black or Gray. It is waterproof and easily applies to curved surfaces. This Grip Tape can be used with any product but is specifically made to fit within the Hex pattern on our HX30-AR magazine body. The Grip Tape comes with enough precut hexagon pieces to completely fill one magazine or enough to fit several magazines partially. Hexmag Grip Tape provides a firmer grip than the default magazine pattern and sits flush with the pattern surface, making it easy to use in a pouch or other standard holder. Grip Tape can be used on any brand magazine, grip, or even your electronics to add a superior grip.

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  1. Works just fine

    By Teddy September 25, 2016

    I recently purchased the hexmag grip to add to my hex mags and originally I was having the same issues as some others described with the tape rising around the crease. I decided to take a hair dryer to it for a few seconds to heat up the adhesive, worked like a charm. So if your girl doesn't have a problem with you borrowing her hair dryer, you should be fine.

  2. Not in the crease

    By AR444 July 30, 2016

    I bought a pack of the grip tape because they were on sale for $3.99. For a product specifically designed for the Hexmag this is kind of a fail unless I got a faulty batch of adhesive or something. They stick fine on the flat surfaces of the mag but try making the tape stay down in one of the hexagons with a crease... not gonna happen. Won't buy again until they make a gen 2, but for $3.99 I'm not too hurt by this. Time for a little gorilla glue. I will say once you find your own way to pin down the tape in those creases, it looks pretty darn awesome! They must have snapped those promo pics before the tape started rising from the creases =)

  3. Ok on the flat parts

    By Michael June 10, 2015

    They really didn't stay on the creases in the mags like in the photos but ok other then that

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