6 Pack of Hexmag AR-15 .223/5.56 10/30-Round Polymer Magazine


6 Pack of Hexmag AR-15 .223/5.56 10/30-Round Polymer Magazine

6 Pack of Hexmag AR-15 .223/5.56 10/30-Round Polymer Magazine



SKU: 6 PACK HX10/30-AR

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  • This is a 10 Round Magazine.

  • Impact resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer body

  • Raised hexagon pattern provides superior grip for secure handing

  • Anti-corrosion heat-treated, stainless steel spring (USGI spec)

  • Tool-free latchplate design is secure while making disaseembly fast and easy

  • HexID color identification system makes ammunition recognition simple

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Legal in CA, NY, MA, MD, HI, Chicago, and Washington, DC.



The HX10-AR is a lightweight, durable polymer 30-round magazine body, with a riser which limits the capacity to 10 rounds. It is designed to function with most AR15/M4 compatible platforms.

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  1. bought a dozen more they're even better

    By 80percent3percent July 16, 2016

    hexmag released an updated version which are marked as series1. The new series1 mags actually drop free, unlike the previous 30 i purchased here. Its easy to make the old mags drop free (shave the middle notch on the follower, the notch that touches the forward part of the feed lips, that needs a tiny portion shaved off with a razor and that will relieve side wall tension on the magazine body, thus allowing it to drop free loaded or not) the series 1 mags don't need any modification and i have yet to find a gun they dont drop free from. I now own 42 magazines and I have no complaints about them. Cheap, sturdy, reliable magazines. Sure the older ones don't always drop free from every gun but 10 seconds with a razor fixes that.

  2. Best deal for the money

    By 80percent3percent August 10, 2015

    I bought 3 of the mini mags by the other leading polymer mag brand (P in the name, hint hint) and I didnt like them. Theyre short and annoying. I ordered 30 of these and sold the other, thats how good these are. You wont regret it. I don't. They perform flawlessly. The only thing I wish Hexmag would do different is actually add dust covers since I like to store the mags full. I put all my mags in a good range bag and have them ready to go. Dust isnt a concern in the bag so its no big deal. For the money these are my favorite mags.

  3. 10/30 Round AR -15 Mags

    By Tony July 31, 2015

    These Mags are incredable work flawlessly on my Ar Rifle without a malfuntion will be buying more in the future
    Tony pf Escondido Calif

  4. suprisingly good

    By Steve O July 23, 2015

    Bought some to test out. I was surprised they functioned flawlessly. These and the Pacific mags worked 100%. The only issues to arise were from the SS mags I had purchased with these.

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